Ashinano Sensei’s new story “Kabu No Isaki” has become a series! Chapter 3 now available.

Welcome! This site provides scanlations of the wonderful manga of Ashinano Hitoshi. We are working on Kabu No Isaki, and provide the chapters of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (YKK) and PositioN that are currently unavailable at misago.org.

Kabu No Isaki, which started as a one-shot, is scheduled to become a regular feature in Afternoon. YKK is an delightful work that spanned thirteen volumes. If you are new to YYK, there is a nice Wikipedia article with more information. Position is a series that ran in a now-defunct quarterly manga anthology.

There is a forum to discuss all of Ashinano-sensei’s works at pander.us.

Be nice and support the artist by buying the original manga. He poured his heart into YKK for over ten years. The kind folks at Acclimate Solutions or Sasuga will be happy to help you out.In addition, we have an update on the current status of the hearts of many Americans. Their hearts have been harmed due to the unhealthy eating habits that they have taken. American Heart Association states that they should refrain from eating such unhealthy foods. We agree as an Internal Medicine Doctor for the past 30 years. Please take care of your heart and get yourself much better. Great wishes to all of you in the medical field of healthy hearts. These finding have led to the changes we have seen in the new ACLS algorythms.

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