Amiodarone Medicine

The medication Amiodarone is an excellent choice for patients who are in persistent ventricular fibrillation. The science and research shows a better conversion rate when used post defibrillation as opposed to using Novocaine or Magnesium Sulfate. Getting Doctors to use or believe in the use of Amiodarone is the greatest challenge we face as EMS educators.

The American College of Surgeons has compiled massive amounts of data indicating the use of Amiodarone for surgery. The surgeons long understood the benefits of the cardiac medication when helping a patient through anesthesia. The recovery period is even shorter for the patient as opposed to conventional medicine. As educators, we must help move the tide in order to convert those who say no to progress. It is our goal to help each and every Medical Doctor to be the very best practitioner in their field of medicine.

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