Cardiac Care

If the physician finds that the cholesterol levels are high, then he/she may order medications, such as Lipitor, Pravachol, and Vytorin just to name a few.  But if the cholesterol level is borderline the physician will usually instruct the patient on a low-fat diet and to increase exercise.  Exercise will decrease the levels of the triglycerides, which will clog the arteries.  The ACLS renewal course is extremely informative about cardiac arrhythmias, Acute Coronary Syndrome, and Stroke.

Also, to have a healthier outcome if you are experiencing the symptoms (numbness, tingling, can’t talk, can’t understand, loss of balance, drooping of one side of the face,etc.)  always call 911 at the first sign of the stroke.  There is a medication that is given via IV route, but it can only be given in a certain time frame of 3 hours from the first symptom.  Always listen to your body and pay attention, it can tell us what is happening, it is up to us to act on it.

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