Diabetes Skin Care

Millions of people have been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 and Type 2. The Medical Academy encourages patients to properly care for their skin and to monitor for any changes in the condition of their skin.

Because the diabetes damages blood vessels and the nerves, causing the blood flow to be diminished and causes the patient to have decrease in pain sensation. If the patient is unable to feel any pain when they develop a sore, especially a place that is difficult to view, for example the bottom of the foot in between the toes. It may have devastating consequences.

Remember after bathing dry between the toes very thoroughly, if you need to get a mirror to view the bottom of the feet, then do so. You can also have a family member to help check the feet for any signs of sores or any area that is taking a long time to heal. Follow-up with your physician for any concerns you may be having. Apply lotions that do not contain large amounts of perfume. Keep follow up appointments with the doctor to help keep your blood sugars in control.

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