In the ICU some of the patients have such sever infections that some medications do not kill the germs.  They become resistant to the medicine in turn the patient gets worse.  Only take medications that are prescribed to help decrease the risk of your body becoming immune to the medication (antibiotics).  It seems most days that everyone gets a little sniffle and they get antibiotics.  Colds are viruses and viruses do not respond to antibiotics.   All health care personnel have  responsibility to decrease the spread of germs from patient to patient.  Cleaning of the stethoscope will also help decrease the risk.

More patients and families today have been educated that they should ask about medications they are receiving, understand their diagnosis and treatment, and inform the health care team members to WASH their hands before touching you.  Personal protective equipment should be and is required to be worn when their is a risk of becoming contaminated with blood, body fluids,etc. Practice hand washing technique as recommended by the CDC, which will provide the patients with a healthier overall outcome.

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