Pediatric Advanced Life Support

The medical community has adopted PALS certification as the new treatment for pediatric cardiac arrest. There are many hospitals and clinics you are having a difficult time in making this transition. The older physicians and registered nurses are having better success when utilizing the American Heart Association pediatric advanced life support course. There is no way that we can continue to provide care to pediatric patients with the old standard of care. Anyone who is working in the pediatric cute care setting should see to obtain their pediatric advanced life support certification through the American Heart Association.

The emergency medical community should be instrumental in helping to implement these new algorithms that will be used for the cardiac arrest victim. The American Heart Association has provided many years of training for the emergency and acute care setting for the emergency care provider. The pediatric advanced life support credential will help to increase the level of care that is provided at the pediatric level. Should anyone feel concerned or disagree with the our rhythms, they should notify their medical director are there registered nursing administrator immediately. Finally, the mega code is designed to help you better treat your patient and to provide better results as well. Thank you for participating in the American Heart Association PALS certification update for 2010.

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