Registered Nurse

How To Become A Registered Nurse

If you have ever wanted to have a career that is satisfying both emotionally and financially, being a Registered Nurse (RN) may be the career that you need.  It requires a lot of effort and time in the course studies and depending which medical college you choose, you will be attending college for at least 2-4 years.  Some people decide later in life to switch careers and others have wanted to be a nurse since childhood.  Some people are influenced by another nurse, especially when a loved one becomes severely ill.

Nurses provide more than just medicine and band-aids, they provide care not only to the patients but also family members.  They provide emotional comfort to patients and their family.  Always educating patients and their families.  In order to become a Registered Nurse, you must first have a high school diploma or a GED.  Then you are ready to send in an application to the college of your choice.

You must also have the time and dedication needed to complete a nursing program.  Once you apply to the college, you will have a counselor that will guide you and help you choose the classes that are needed.  Although CPR certification is not one of your pre-requisites in the beginning, you will need it once you are in the nursing program. You will need CPR certification before you can attend clinical rotation.  Upon completion of attending a CPR class, you will receive a card that will be valid for 2 years.  With that in mind try to get this class scheduled after you are in the nursing program.

Your instructors will tell you the places that offer CPR class.  Usually you can find a classs that is very close to you.  After you complete the nursing program, you will then schedule a time to take the NCLEX exam.  This is a computerized test that all nurses will take in order to obtain licensure to practice as a registered nurse.  Do not hesitate to take this test soon after you graduate college.  This is because the content that you have studied is still fresh in your mind.  Once you have successfully passed the NCLEX exam you will be given a card with your name and a license number on it.

Most health care facilities may need for you to have a Bachelor’s degree if you apply for a management position.  But if you apply for a staff nurse position they are satisfied as long as you have an Associate’s degree.  All health care facilities require that nurses have CPR certification before they can have patients assigned to them.  The CPR class prepares you to give oxygen, breaths, and chest compressions to patients when they are unable to breath, or their hearts have stopped.  Be prepared at any moment in your nursing career for these critical situations that can arise out of no where.

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