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ACLS Instructor

The American Heart Association has been offering Emergency Cardiac Care courses for nearly 60 years. They have been very proactive in getting highly trained individuals to become ACLS Instructors to pass on the message of excellent Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Remember to rely on the new ACLS standards the Instructors are teaching at your local hospital. The ACLS Instructor has to be highly trained and ready to provide his or her expertise to guide new healthcare providers as we move into the new era of medicine.

As a health care provider myself, I have become an ACLS Instructor so that I may give back to our EMS community. Please, If you have the time to dedicate, Become an Instructor and be part of a winning team. The ACLS Course is available through your local American Heart Association Training center.

ECG Pharmacology

The new American Heart Association new curriculum has challenged many Physicians and Nurses when working a mega code. ACLS has made significant changes since the inception of the algorithms in the early 1970s. The ECG and Pharmacology has been the culprit that has been confusing many health care providers.

The AHA has developed a DVD that explains the concepts of ECG and Pharmacology. The need forĀ  education and training in these areas are ever increasing to accommodate the needs of the medical community. We are excited to help educate the Physicians and Nurses on the new medical and ACLS standards that are coming down the line. Our Atlanta ACLS Refresher Course is available to all of the health care professionals in the area. The training is of the utmost importance in increasing the outcome for the cardiac patient.